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The ancient paths which crisscross the Montello hill along the north-south axis have been called “prese”
since the days of the Venetian Republic. On the south slope of the hill, along Presa NO. 3,
the Prapian vineyards produce a fresh and fragrant Prosecco Asolo DOCG, young
and coloured in appearance, the result of strict organic viticulture and skilful winemaking.

Prapian Presa n*3 DOCG Brut

Prosecco DOCG Asolo Brut

Prapian Presa n*3 DOCG Brut Bio

Prosecco DOCG Asolo Brut Biologico

Prapian Presa n*3 DOCG Frizzante Bio

Prosecco DOCG Asolo Vino Biologico Frizzante