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a terroir protected from the wind


Prapian is a very special place. The vineyards of the Prapian estate, which lies in the municipality of Tarzo in the province of Treviso, lie three hundred metres above sea level; the soil has a high mineral content and the land is sunny, blessed with water and protected from the wind. Every harvest, this land surprises us with its unique offering.
Millions of years ago this area was under water; the sea was a couple of metres deep and home to coral and algae which became the fossils we find in the chestnut, beech, elm and oak woods. On a good day, you can see all the way to the Adriatic Sea and Venice which sparkle in the distance, lying at the far end of the lowlands which the Monticano, Livenza and Piave rivers flow through. All around are paths that cross tiny streams and go through wild woodland and uneven meadows.
Prapian is one of the most characteristic terroir of the Tarzo – Valdobbiadene hills, which have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is in the core zone, namely the area which produces great valuable wines, thanks to its slopes.