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events and meetings


The Prapian winery is a warm, welcoming place that looks as if it has always been at home in the surrounding countryside. The hills you can see from the window of the conference and meeting room, with its solid elm table, are called Perdonanze and behind them lie the Alps and the plain.

To the south is the spectacular Vallandrui canyon and woods full of chestnut trees, while to the northeast is the Pian delle Femmene plateau and, further away, Visentin and the ‘Sentiero delle creste’, a footpath along the mountain ridges.

Next to the winery is Ca’Sisto, an old house made of white stone, which has been standing there for years. It is like a lookout post over the countryside and will be the venue for a series of new initiatives, including meetings, events, workshops and projects, while still preserving its long family history.