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eyes firmly fixed on the future

Filiberto Sacchetto has the energy of a thirty-year-old. His face is lined with experience and his eyes twinkle with pride and simplicity, and when he talks about terroir and wine, he could keep you glued to your seat for hours.
He moves with the ease of someone who has lived among vines all his life, who watched his father, Sisto Sacchetto, anxiously biding his time before and during August, keeping a close eye on the clouds because a sudden hailstorm could ruin everything.
Sowing the seeds of the future, going against the grain, giving his children – who have been by his side, working passionately with him over the years – a future, overcoming difficulties: these are the milestones in the life of this seasoned traveller. When he purchased the land of Presa Numero Tre in Nervesa della Battaglia and Prapian, a hill in the Treviso Prealps just a short distance from Conegliano, he embarked on a new journey of organic production, first-class winemaking and love for his homeland.