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Sacchetto s.r.l., is registered at Via Roma 44 35010 Trebaseleghe (PD) – Italy and is committed to protecting your privacy.
This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy)” applies to www.sacchettovini.it web site (“Website”) and describes all personal data processing activities carried out by Sacchetto s.r.l. on the Website. Sacchetto s.r.l. processes your personal data when you visit the Website and uses its services and functionalities on the Website.
This Privacy Policy has been prepared in accordance with Recommendation 2/2001, adopted on May 17th 2001, by the Working Group for the Protection of Personal Information and it also represents information regarding Art. 13 of the Legislative Decree of the 30th June 2003, No 196 and subsequent amendments and additions (“Privacy Code”).

This Privacy Policy specifies the identity of the company which controls and manages the personal data collected and processed through the Website and identifies the personal information collected and its purposes, how data is managed, the scope of disclosure to third parties, the security measures to protect and safeguard your personal information and the manner in which the user can check the processing of data relating to him/her oo can exercise the rights conferred by the Privacy Code.


Who holds your data?

Sacchetto s.r.l., – registered at Via Roma 44 35010 Trebaseleghe (PD) Italy – holds your data and can be contacted by phone +39 049 9385023 or by email mail@sacchettovini.it.


Which kind of data are processed?

When our website is visited there is no gathering or processing of personal data, with exception of the so-¬called navigation data. Its transmission to the Website is implicit in the functioning of the information systems in charge of managing the Website and in the use of communication protocols peculiar to the Internet.

This category includes, for example, the IP addresses of the device employed by the user to visit the Website and the average time spent on the Website for statistical purposes only and anonymously for the sole purpose of controlling the Website and improving its functionalities. It concerns information which is not collected to be associated with specific individuals, but allows users only to be recognized, not identified.

The navigation data are deleted immediately after processing and may be used by Sacchetto s.r.l. to assess information crimes carried out against the Website or through the Website. With the exception of the aformentioned circumstances, the said navigation data are stored only temporarily, in compliance with the applicable legislation.

Furthermore, Sacchetto s.r.l. collects and processes personal data which is voluntarily provided by the user when the user interacts with the functionalities of the Website and requests the services offered by the Website, for example upon the user’s subscription to the newsletter or mailing list and the user requests information through the “Contacts” section.

The personal data that Sacchetto s.r.l. collects and processes include name and contact details such as email addresses. Other information may be provided on an optional basis. In the relevant section of the Website where data is collected a specific information statement (Art. 13 of Privacy Code) is provided. When requested under the Privacy Law, Sacchetto s.r.l. requires the user’s consent before proceessing his/her personal data.


What are the purposes of the data processing?

Sacchetto s.r.l. will process your personal data to manage your interaction with the Website and its functionalities. Furthermore we manage your data in order to fulfil the obligations as by law, regulations and communitary rules, and in order to exercise rights in court proceedings. The collected data may be used to update or correct previously collected ones.

Personal data are required in order to manage

your interaction with the Website,
your requests of information and/or
your subscription to the newsletter service as previously described.

Failure to provide the data will make it impossible to fulfill our contractual obligations and/or provide requested services and information.

With your consent ( which is free of charge), Sacchetto s.r.l. may also process your personal data for marketing purposes, notably to send you newsletters, emails, sms and mms, information and updates on our products, offers, promotional campaigns and on events and similar initiatives organized by Sacchetto s.r.l. or to which Sacchetto s.r.l. takes part in, including possible invitations to said events.

Communicating your data for marketing purposes, as specified here is optional and a refusal will not affect the provision of services and requested information.

In terms of marketing activies carried out via emails, your prior consent will not be necessary if you have already provided your e¬mail addresses for similar products or services and if you have not initially refused such use or in subsequent submissions. However, if you no longer wish to receive promotional emails, you can state this (free of charge) during registration or by sending an email to the following address: mail@sacchettovini.it. Furthermore, you can choose how you wish to be contacted (for example: emails, SMS or other) and you may refuse later emails with the specific links contained in the comunication that you will receive. Your personal data will be processed in compliance with requirements and necessary measures provided by the Privacy Code and by the Authority for Privacy and are kept only for a period of time according to applicable laws.


How the data are processed – data security

Sacchetto s.r.l. collects and processes personal data via electronic and manual means for the above mentioned purposes. Sacchetto s.r.l.is commited to ensuring the security of your personal data and respects the provisions of applicable laws in order to prevent loss of data, illegal and improper use and unauthorized access, with particular reference to the Privacy Code (attachment B – Technical discipline for minimum security measures).

Systems and softwares are configured in order to reduce the use of personal data to a minimum, which are in any case only used if necessary for specific purposes. The collected data are guarded and filed on a server of Sacchetto s.r.l. which takes protective measures against the risk of unauthorised intrusion and access. Sacchetto s.r.l. also adopts suitable safety measures to guarantee the integrity and the availability of the data as well as the protection of the areas which are used for their custody and accessibility


Our cookie policies

The Sacchetto s.r.l. Website uses cookies. Cookies are small data files stored on your devices as you visit the Website or part of it, in order to make surfing on the Website easier. For example, cookies may help Sacchetto s.r.l. to: (i) understand your preferences while you are surfing through the Website, to facilitate and optmise the way the Website works, (ii) analyse and monitor the performance, the operation and efficiency of the WebSite, in order to improve and optimise it.

The cookies used by the Website cannot be used to run programs on the user’s device or to download viruses on it, and they do not allow the Website any kind of control of the user’s device. The Website does not use cookies to access information stored on the user’s device, does not store information on it or monitor the user.

Sacchetto s.r.l. may allow technical and commercial partners to place cookies on your devices as you visit the Website. For example Sacchetto s.r.l. uses Google Analytics system for its web analytics services therefore Google could place, in this context, cookies on your devices, in order to memorize data on them or to monitor their activities.

This policy applies to how Sacchetto s.r.l. will process the information received by the cookies. Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default, but you can usually modify your browser setting to refuse cookies or selectively accept cookies. The section usually called “Options” or “Preferences” on your browser’s menu prevents the risk of receiving cookies employed to track users’ behaviour and explains how to obtain information about these cookies from your browser or how to disable and delete them completely. As an alternative it is possible to visit the “Help” section of the toolbar placed on the majority of browsers and visit reference website such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera. From your mobile device: Android, Safari, Windows Phone, Blackberry etc.

Disabling the cookies may limit the possibility of using the Website and may prevent the user from fully benefitting from the functionalities and services of the Website. In order to decide which cookies should be accepted or refused, here is a description of different kinds of cookies used on the Website.

First party cookies: First party cookies are set by the website you are visiting and they belong to the same domain that is shown in the browser’s address bar.
Third party cookies: Third party cookies belong to different domains from the one shown in the address bar. If a user visits a website and a different company sends the information through the website, that is a third party cookie.
Session cookies: These cookies are temporary and deleted after you close down your navigation window.
Persistent cookies: Persistent cookies outlast user sessions and store sign‐in details and passwords. They can be used for many purposes, for example to remember your preferences or your choices on the Website.
Essential cookies: These cookies are strictly necessary as without them Sacchetto s.r.l. cannot provide many services that you need on the Website. For example, essential cookies help keep you securely logged in between protected areas of a website. These cookies do not collect information for marketing purposes and cannot be deactivated.
Functional cookies: these cookies allow a website to remember when a user returns to visit it. They customize the contents and remember any preferences the user has made and improves his/her online experience. These cookies do not collect information in order to trace the user. The information is anonymous.

More specifically, the following is a list of the cookies used on the Website and their description and functionalities, and how long they last.



Cookie type: First party – functional

Source: Sacchetto s.r.l.

How long: Persistent cookie

Objective: Recovery Account Settings (saves the user’s session and records the settings, for example accessibility settings)


Name: display Cookie Consent

Cookie type: First party – functional

Source: Sacchetto s.r.l.

How long: Persistent cookie (345 days)

Objective: Cookie law store authorization tracing


Name: _icl_current_language

Cookie type: First party – functional

Source: Sacchetto s.r.l.

How long: Persistent cookie (1 day)

Objective: Selected language


Name: servizio Google Analytics ( _gat,_ga, )

Cookie type: Third party – functional

Source: Google Analytics

How long: Persistent cookie

Objective: Collects anonymous information on how the users surf the Website; compiling reports in order to improve the Website; collects the number of visitors of the Website, identifies the origin of the visitors and the section visited. More information is available here: htts://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection /analyticsjs/cookie-usage


Who sacchetto s.r.l. might communicate your data to

The data will be accessible to personnel within our Company, specifically to the people that need to access it for data handling as specified above. You can request at anytime the complete list of staff and companies involved in the data processing from Sacchetto s.r.l. . The data may be communicated to independent or associated collaborators, third parties that carry out technical and organisational services, and to anybody who is a legitimate receiver of communication foreseen by law.

The above mentioned staff and companies will handle the data in their capacities as data controllers or as data handlers, exclusively for the aforementioned purposes. Obviously in no circumstances will the data be communicated to third parties to be used for their own promotional purposes and will not be disclosed freely. Sacchetto s.r.l. informs you that in any moment you may exercise your rights in accordance with article 7 of the Privacy Code including, for example, the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of Data, check the contents, source and correctness, request integration, revision, rectification, destruction, transformation in an anonymous form, or a block following a violation of the law; you may moreover oppose the Data handling for legitimate reasons.


Last update

October 2016.